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All Donations Are Greatly Appreciated!

You may currently make donations via a PayPal account or via credit/debit card.  Recurring donations are much appreciated as well!


Our current initiative is a summer youth program.  Details are below along with donation ideas.


Summer 2019 Program Donation Ideas

These are just some ideas.  We reimburse instructors for costs and help defray overhead for the facilities in which classes are held.  The total cost for the summer program is over $14,000.  The local Grand Master Han's Schools absorb much of this cost through donated time and resources.

T-shirt  $          10
Uniform  $          45
Set amount  $          50
4 weeks  $          75
Testing/patches/lifetime membership/belt  $          96
 $        100
8 weeks  $        150
 $        200
 $        250
Full sponsorship for 1  $        301
 $        500
 $     1,000
 $ 2,000
Sponsor entire summer  $     7,500